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Saturday, April 21, 2012

REVIEW: Detective Conan SP4 -Shinichi Kudo and the Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case- (J-movie 2012)

Profil :
  • Title: Mentantei Conan SP4: Kudo Shinichi Kyoto Shinsengumi Satsujin Jiken
  • Title (English): Detective Conan SP4: Shinichi Kudo and the Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case
  • Genre: Action, Suspense, Detective
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Air time: Thursday,  April, 12nd 2012, 9 pm
  • Episode: 1
  • Original writing (manga): Meitantei Conan by Aoyama Gosho
The first case occurs 10,000 metres above ground. A locked room murder in the skies. It is a perfect crime inside an aeroplane and the riddle is in the missing murder weapon. Kudo Shinichi (Mizobata Junpei) gets an idea when he happens to touch Mori Ran (Kutsuna Shiori) who is also on board the same flight with him. Shinichi’s realisation that it is a clever trick of visual misconception, enables him to pinpoint the murderer.

Case 1: The Sealed Chamber in the Sky
Anime Episode 162: The Sealed Chamber in the Sky: Shinichi Kudo's First Case
Agasa wins a trip to a beach resort and gives the tickets to Kogoro, Ran, and the Detective Boys. On the plane, Ran falls asleep and dreams about a murder that occurred on an Airliner. In the past, a photographer named Kazuhiro Otaka is found dead in the bathroom.
Shinichi reveals that Otaka was put to sleep and was killed by having a thin metal object dipped in poison and having it injected into the back of his head. Megure gathers four people who have entered the bathroom during that time and search them for a weapon but to no avail.
Case 2: Murder Case at Movie Scene
 Then in Kyoto, Shinichi and Ran encounter a new case when they visit the studio where Hattori Heiji (Matsuzaka Tori) and Mori Kogoro (Jinnai Takanori) are filming a movie. They witness an ugly scene between the lead actor Sakuraba Reiichi (Nakamura Shunsuke), heroine Hayashibara Momoka (Matsuyama Mary) and female servant Sugita Fumiko (Konno Mahiru) because of a love triangle. Furthermore, an explosion while filming injures Sakuraba’s face and renders both Heiji and Kogoro unconscious. Then, Momoka is discovered to have committed suicide by hanging herself in the dressing room. While everyone thinks that it is a forced double suicide fueled jealousy towards Momoka, Shinichi deduces that it was a murder using the locked room trick. With Heiji’s help, Shinichi puts up a false show in reveal the criminal, but …


Not yet available
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Kelana’s comment :
Huaaa . . . !!! Akhirnya seri keempat Detective Conan live action muncul juga. Hmmm . . . tapi berhubung Kelana sendiri belum dapat movienya . . . jadi Kelana belum bisa banyak komentar. Ok, sambil nunggu DL movie-nya dan nunggu eng-sub dari web sebelah, jadi Kelana posting reviw singkatnya dulu ya, kekekeke . . .
Selamat menunggu, nti klo Kelana udah dapet videonya, buat sinopsisnya ga ya? Hmmm . . . patut masuk list nih,  39^_^V

REVIEW: Detective Conan SP4 -Shinichi Kudo and the Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case- (J-movie 2012) Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Elang Kelana


  1. Wah...kayaknya seru nih...
    Buat sinopnya dong. hehehehe...


  2. Eh...pemeran heijinya diganti ya..??


  3. pemeran heiji-nya ga diganti kq, msi sama ky di detective conan yg tv series.
    pengen sih buat sinopnya, ini lgi DL dulu, kekeke
    btw, trims wat komennya ya
    salam kenal ^_^

  4. weh, komen langsung di bawah, muncul ki
    kekekeke . . . (efek ngantuk, tapi pengen melek)


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